The Credit Repair General

Secured Credit Cards: Overview

Building good credit is just as important as removing negative items.  Having said that, we urge you to establish good credit accounts as soon as possible.  The longer you have an account open the more it will help your score, and having two to three cards will help more than just one. 

What is a secured card? A secured credit card is typically a Visa or Mastercard, but it requires a cash deposit as collateral. The cash deposit cannot be touched while you have the card but will be refunded to you when the card is closed.  Think of it like the security deposit on an apartment; once you move out of the rental you get your security deposit back but while you are living in the apartment you do not have access to the security deposit money.

Our secured credit cards are easy to get in fact you CANNOT be declined for bad credit because there is NO CREDIT CHECK! We have partnered with Credit Builder Card because they understand that our clients are attempting to better their financial situation and the cards offered have the lowest annual fee in the industry!

Please remember that you only want to use up to 30% of your available credit on each card.  Once you go over 30% it starts to bring down your credit score.