The Credit Repair General

Certified Mail: Brief Synopsis

  • Written communication is essential to good credit repair.
  • Certified mail gives a receipt of delivery – forcing creditors to be honest and timely.
  • NCF uses certified mail to achieve better results – other companies use reg. post to cut costs!


Certified Mail: Full Explanation

The essence of credit repair is communication. We communicate with our customers, and with the credit bureaus and original creditors. Because communication is so important to our business, it is important to communicate in a way which is effective and permanent. We could, of course, simply call all the creditors and bureaus on the phone. But writing to them is better for many reasons. First, receiving a strongly worded letter on official letterhead is often taken more seriously than a call to an 800 line. Better yet, letters are permanent, allowing us to keep an exact copy of what we sent in writing. This way there can be no twisting of words by the creditors – we have written proof!

But sadly, opting for communicating by writing is as far as most credit repair companies go. They type up a letter, stick it in a #10 envelope, throw a 46 cent stamp on it and call it a day. Later, these letters are dropped in a mailbox somewhere, and the companies ‘hope’ that they get to their destination. This is simply not good enough! With regular mail, you have no way of knowing when creditors and bureaus received your letter. This is especially important considering that the credit repair industry relies on strict time frames for reply! Worse still, the creditor can simply claim they never received one of your letters.

Here at National Credit Fixers, we go the extra mile for our customers. Instead of simply using regular post, we opt to use certified mail. Certified mail allows a receipt of all your correspondence. When you send a letter certified, someone physically has to sign for it! That way creditors can never claim that they never got your letter. Better still, certified mail allows a physical receipt of when the letter was received, so the companies can’t skirt a time window requirement!

 If certified mail works so well then why don’t other companies use it? Money – plain and simple. Certified mail is very expensive and other credit repair companies would rather make a few extra bucks or try to undercut each other’s prices for the cheapest service rather than use certified mail and get better results for the client!