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Judgement Tips: Brief Synopsis

  • The success of judgement removal varies by individual court.
  • NCF has a patented method of removal, which has a lot of success!
  • You can ask the Plaintiff to vacate the judgement yourself.


Judgement Tips: Full Explanation

Judgement removal is hit or miss when it comes to credit repair. Some courts are notoriously inefficient when it comes to the accuracy and verifiability of a judgement.  On the flip side some courts are very efficient.  We have quite a few ways to attack judgements listed on your credit report and have a lot of success in removing them!

This tip is about what to do if your judgement comes back as verified and accurate by the credit bureaus.  This is a do-it-yourself tip when the judgement just doesn’t want to come off your report. To remove the judgement follow these easy steps:

How to Vacate a judgement:

If the judgement is paid then go visit the Plaintiff or the attorney for the plaintiff as the case may be. Don’t call them on the phone; that makes it too easy for them to blow you off – go see them! Since the judgement has been paid ask them if they will sign a motion to re-open and dismiss the case. Use your persuasive ability, there is nothing in it for them, they have already been paid – it will only help you by getting the judgement removed from your credit report. Once the Plaintiff signs the Motion to re-open and dismiss, bring the form to the court and pay the filing fee. After the form has been processed by the court (usually 30-90 days) you will receive a notice in the mail that the judgement has been dismissed or vacated. This form can be presented to the credit bureaus giving them the ability to remove the judgement from your report because the judgement was vacated.

If the judgement is unpaid.  You can do the same step as above but you might be able to entice the plaintiff to sign your motion to re-open and dismiss the judgement by offering them a settlement amount to pay the judgement.