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Merchant Accounts: Overview

A merchant account is a line of credit but only for that one particular store. These merchant accounts are GUARANTEED APPROVAL (99% approval rating). These GUARANTEED credit approval accounts (99% approval rating) will establish large high credit limits on your credit report which will help you to rebuild your credit.


Merchant Accounts: Our Recommended Merchants

Help Card from Down2Shop


  • No upfront deposit required
  • Reports to all 3 Credit Bureaus
  • Limit Ranges between $1,100 and $6,500 depending on your qualifications

Click Here Down2Shop to Apply

APR: 21%
Annual Fee: $100 per year
Credit: Bad Credit, Fair Credit

Processing Fee: $125-only charged if approved
Up-front Deposit: None – this is an unsecured card and your credit limit is determined by your credit score and debt-to-income ratio
Annual Fee: $100 per year- billed @ $25/month for first 4 months
Credit: Limit Ranges between $1,100 and $6,500 depending on your qualifications
Reporting: Reports to all 3 bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) within 2 weeks
Interest Rate:21% APR on purchases only (not fees)


    • Follow application instructions above. You will be notified immediately whether you’re approved. If declined you will be offered a Secured Credit Card instead.
  • Make a small purchase at Down2Shop to activate your card & credit reporting. (One purchase financed of any product of any amount (no min). Products are as low as $5.)
  • Account will report to your credit as “Help Card/HCcredit” within approx. 1 week of purchase
  • Will need to pay $25/mo for 4 months to pay off the annual fee
  • You are not required to use the card after that for it to report. It would be a good idea to make some small purchases during the year to keep it active, however.

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Fingerhut! These guys will very often approve consumers that a bank will not. They will either issue you credit right away or they make make you purchase something from their website to get started. Either way they approve most everyone. Click here: Finger Hut to apply!