The Credit Repair General

Foreclosure Tips: Brief Synopsis

  •  Foreclosures are important and time-sensitive.
  • Foreclosures require significantly more effort to remove than most items.
  • NCF offers a guided program where the consumer works to remove foreclosures.


Foreclosure Tips: Full Explanation

Having your house foreclosed on is a very difficult experience. Worse still, losing this home will have a significant negative effect on your credit score. Having a prior foreclosure on your credit report will not only lower your FICO score, but also make it nearly impossible for you to get a mortgage for a new home. Because of this, a foreclosure is often one of the most important items to remove from your credit report. Not surprisingly, it is often a top time priority for consumers as well.

As you can imagine, getting a foreclosure removed is not an easy task. It isn’t quite the ‘holy grail’ of credit repair – that title belongs to bankruptcy! However, removing a foreclosure from a credit report is much more time consuming than removing other kinds of items. Consequently, the success rate for removing a foreclosure is much lower. But make no mistake – it can be done! National Credit Fixers used a patented method of removing foreclosures through our normal credit repair process.

However, we have found that foreclosures are often more effectively removed when the consumer is guided on how to do it themselves. This is a special ‘technique’ which we have developed and perfected over the years. Visit our Foreclosure Deletion page to learn more!