The Credit Repair General

Credit Repair Tips: Overview

As we’ve mentioned before, we are a huge proponent of information here at Credit Repair Army. We believe that information is king, and that consumers should be armed with the most information possible about their credit! Consumers have the right to know how their credit score works, and what they can do to fix it. Here at NCF, we’re taking this transparency a step farther. We are going to share with you some of the powerful tips and tricks that we use every day to  fix credit!

This section provides tips for many important aspects of credit repair, such as FICO building and dealing with collection accounts. In addition, we use this section to dispel some of the biggest myths surrounding the credit repair industry, such as authorized user accounts. Through browsing this section of our site, you will get a glimpse into what we do here at NCF, and the tips and tricks that we use every day. Furthermore, savvy and determined consumers can use this information to attempt to repair your own credit. If you chose to do so, we wish you the best of luck – however be warned that results are almost never as effective as having an experienced credit repair company do it for you!

My hope is that after reviewing this information, you will agree that we are truly experts when it comes to repairing your credit.  I hope you will agree that credit repair can be quite intricate, tedious, and is truly an art. After I have established for you that we are knowledgeable experts, I hope you will consider entrusting US with the job of fixing your credit!


Credit Repair Tips: Contents

  1. Authorized User Account Tips
  2. Bankruptcy Tips
  3. Judgement Tips
  4. Foreclosure Tips
  5. Credit Card Tips
  6. FICO Tips
  7. Credit Building
  8. Collection Account Tips